Welcome to the iFuel® Mobile App ManualLink

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iFuel® Mobile is a new way of managing your fuel. If you are here, chances are your Company is using or getting ready to use iFuel® Mobile.

Who is this for?Link

This manual is for iFuel® Mobile App Users.

If you do not have a iFuel® Mobile User account, you are not entitled to access this documentation and are in breach of our Terms and Conditions. We kindly ask you to go back!

What you will needLink

To complete this training exercise you will need:

  • A Compatible Smart phone
  • An internet capable device. We recommend a Desktop PC, or Tablet to view the manual
  • A iFuel® Mobile System configured with a PUMP or SIMULATOR
  • 10-15 minutes if you are a typical smart phone user
  • 30 minutes or more if you are new to smartphones or not that comfortable using a smart phones

  • An open mind ready to experience a new paradigm of Fuel Management