3. Main Menu

3.0 Main MenuLink

Depending on your Company Profile, and configuration there are several options from the main menu.

App Home Page

Some icons may not be visible to you, however the Primary functions that will be present are:

  • Dispense
  • Transactions
  • Settings
  • Sync

3.1 Network AvailabilityLink

At times you may leave Internet Coverage. iFuel® Mobile monitors the network coverage and may disable some features at times. A disabled Menu Item indicates you are out of coverage.

iFuel® Mobile is designed to operate without Internet access only when:

  • The App has already been installed
  • The user has Successfully logged in for the first time
  • The user has logged in within the last 13 days

Where you are using the system and there is sporadic Network Coverage the app should operate normally. When you return to Network Coverage, simply Sync your app.

When you intend to use the iFuel® Mobile App regularly outside of over-net coverage, then you may need alternative security policies applied to your account.

3.2 Offline LoginsLink

Offline Login is required for users who need to Open and Login to the iFuel® Mobile App outside network coverage. This feature is not enabled by Default, and needs to be requested by the iFuel® Mobile Administrator within your Company.