1. Installation

1.0 InstallationLink

To install iFuel® Mobile, simply visit the App store and search for iFuel® Mobile. You can install the iFuel® Mobile app for Android, Apple phones and some tablets.

If your phone is older than 1-2 years, you may need to verify your phone supports our level of Bluetooth, BLE or BT4.0.

1.1 AppleLink

On Apple, an iPhone 5s and above is required, however a iPhone 6.0 is recommend as a minimum.

1.2 AndroidLink

On Android, install the App "Easy BLE Checker". Check it out on the Android Store.

1.3 Windows & Alternative OSLink

Sorry - Windows and Other OS Phones are not supported...

1.4 UpdatesLink

From time to time we may release an update to the iFuel® Mobile App. Please be sure to check periodically that you have the latest version.

Notes on TabletsLink

Some people like to use a tablet. iFuel® Mobile will work on many tablets, however the iFuel® Mobile User Interface it optimised form smart phones and works best on a smart phone.

Additionally many tablets require the use of two hands, which makes it hard to hold a fuel nozzle.

Using a smart phone means the phone can easily be placed into a pocket if needed.