1.5 Pump/nozzle Switch

Pump Start/Stop or Nozzle SwitchesLink

1.5.1 OverviewLink

The Pump Switch offers the ability to provide a pump start and stop in addition to the standard authorisation sequence. This is ideal for larger pumps, bowsers or where a nozzle holster (or nozzle boot) may be required. iFUEL® Mobile switches must not be momentary switches. Normally Open – Normally Closed (NO/NC) Switches are the only type supported. Pump switch and Estop should be located in a position appropriate for the operator. An override switch can be hidden if needed, although iFUEL® Mobile recommends a Captured Key type switch be used. For ‘mission critical’ applications or for installation where a tag out system is used, consider the installation of a bypass circuit. Bypass allows the fuel system to operate without the iFUEL® Mobile.

1.5.2 Switch BypassLink

Bypass is separate and distinct from override. Bypass means the iFUEL® Mobile is un-powered and the pump can be activated without the iFUEL® Mobile unit. Bypass would allow the FMS to be ‘tagged out’ and serviced. In bypass mode the iFUEL® Mobile unit will not record any data. The system is essentially powering the pump as if iFUEL® Mobile was not present. Pump Switch and Estop's connected to iFUEL® Mobile unit will not perform in Bypass scenarios. In the event of unexpected failure (short, water damage, electrical overload, blown fuse, meter failure etc) complete bypass of the iFUEL® Mobile unit is an option. For this reason, iFUEL® Mobile suggests the use of a bypass around the iFUEL® Mobile where such issues present a concern.

1.5.3 Switch OverrideLink

An override event is where the system authorisation is passed. Ie the operator can pump fuel from the tank. iFUEL® Mobile will activate the pump and measure the fuel used. The data is saved to the SD Card for future app sync. In override mode the pump switch and estop continue to function.

The iFUEL® Mobile team or the reseller can provide further information at any time on these options.

1.5.4 Nozzle Pump Switch/Pump SwitchLink

A pump switch has the ability to activate the pump relay via switch. Typical workflow is: Login >> Dispense >> Authorize >> Throw Switch >> Pump Starts The Switch is then toggled to turn off the pump. The Pump switch is often installed as a Nozzle Switch.

There is only one I/O for this switch. If multiple switches or controls are required they can be installed in series. Install a Normally Open (NO) switch across pins 3 and 4 for Jumper J6. To enable the switch make sure the configuration file on the SD card shows:


1.5.5 Low Level Switch - Future featureLink

The level switch when implemented will allow a pump stop safety control for ultra low tank levels. Consult the iFUEL® Mobile team for more information on this feature at (07) 3204 2240