Welcome to the iFUEL® Mobile Installation ManualLink

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iFUEL® Mobile is a new way of managing company fuel.

If you are here, chances are you need to Install a iFUEL® Mobile System. We have put this manual together to assist with all stages of the iFUEL® Mobile install, from planning, equipment overview and the actual wiring and commissioning.

Who is this for?Link

This manual is for iFUEL® Mobile installation personnel only.


Use of this document is granted under the terms of our Reseller Agreement, Software Terms and Conditions and/or NDA only and any misuse of this document or transmission to non-approved parties is a direct breech of said agreement.

What you will needLink

  • A iFUEL® Mobile System
  • A Compatible Pulse meter
  • Installation Plan or Overview, or get ready to develop one
  • Parts, Fittings, and components for the Installation
  • An open mind ready to experience a new paradigm of Fuel Management!