iFUEL® Mobile handoverLink

5.1 PreparationLink

If you have not used the iFUEL® Mobile system or completed a Demo before, read and understand the operation manual and physically test the system before showing a customer. This document is not intended for use with the customer. A iFUEL® Mobile operator should be able to competently demonstrate the system to the customer without referring to this document.

5.2 What is RequiredLink

What is needed:

• iFUEL® Mobile kit operational with power supply installed

• iFUEL® Mobile app installed and running on a supported/compatible mobile device

• iFUEL® Mobile user account for App

For the testing of the iFUEL® Mobile unit, Please visit Testing.

5.3 QR Codes and how to use themLink

QR code stands for Quick Read code. This system that iFUEL® Mobile has implemented ensures maximised efficiently when it comes to machinery data integrity. This is maintained by the uniqueness of the QR code itself. The QR Code has various criteria to ensure sufficient encoding and integrity. The QR Codes that are utilised with iFUEL® Mobile can be sourced from iFUEL® Mobile admin or QR Codes will not be compatible. An individual QR code is created for each piece of plant and/or machinery that requires fuel from a iFUEL® Mobile can use a custom QR Code sticker with various company logos and colour schemes.

iFUEL® Mobile currently offers 50 QR codes as part of a iFUEL® Mobile purchase.