2.2 Power Source

2.2 12V DC Electrical InstallationLink

2.2.1 System PowerLink

iFUEL® Mobile requires a 12V DC 1 amp supply. iFUEL® Mobile will run from automative circuits, and batteries.

2.2.2 Pump PowerLink

iFUEL® Mobile can switch a 12V DC pump up to 30Amps peak load.

For higher loads a higher current relay will be required.

2.2.2 Low Voltage System DiagramsLink

Low Volt Wiring

Low Volt Relay

2.2.3 12V DC Installation DiagramLink

12V Installation Diagram

2.2.4 12V Powered PTO Installation DiagramLink

12V Powered PTO diagram

2.2.5 24V DCLink

24V Diagram

2.2.6 240V AC Electrical InstallationLink

2.2.7 240V AC Installation DiagramLink

240V Install diagram

2.2.8 415V 3 Phase Electrical InstallationLink

Work in progress. Please contact he iFUEL® MobileTeam for more information on (07) 3204 2240

2.2.9 Pneumatic Control/Installation DiagramLink

Pneumatic cont/inst diagram

2.2.10 Hydraulic PTO 12V InstallationLink

hydraulic PTO 12V

2.2.11 Hydraulic PTO Control OptionsLink

Hydraulic PTO Control