4.2 Calibration

Most Pulse meters have a factory kFactor.They generally require calibration during commissioning. The iFUEL® Mobile team will adjust the kFactor for you during commissioning. Take a calibration jug, and fill to the top. That Transaction can be used to calibrate the system.

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Calculate the new kFactor Installer fills a 15L jug. iFUEL® Mobile reports 13L. Factory kFactor = 0.05 Calculate the number of pulses. 13L ÷ 0.05 = 260 pulses. 15L ÷ 260 pulses = new kFactor = 0.05769.

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Provide the iFUEL® Mobile team the date, and time of the transaction or Transaction ID if known, along with the real Volume and the iFUEL® Mobile team shall do the calculation and adjustment. Once the kFactor has been changed the app will need to be re-sync for the new kFactor to be applied. Re-test the dispensing and ensure the system reports an accurate volume. Multiple calibrations are often required and calibration should be tested periodically.