2.4 Meter Wiring

There are several types of meters compatible with iFUEL Mobile.


Always install meters with sheilded wiring.

Meter vendors usually publish a kFactor in the format of Pulses per Litre. (ie 39 for Piusi meaning 39 pulses for each Litre dispensed)

To establish the iFUEL Mobile kFactor divide 1/39 to get 0.025641.

This value will be needed during installation and at the time of commissioning.


Where possible notify the iFUEL Team prior to installation

and we'll be sure to have the right kFactor data preloaded where possible.

2.4.1 Macnaught MetersLink

We have had superior results with MX range of meters.

Most Macnaught meters and registers come with Pulse, or Hall Effect as:

  • Either Of
  • Both Of
  • Dual

Where odd behavior is detected or low quality signal/noise from the meter output, it may need to use a combination of the pullup/pulldown resistors built into the iFUEL® Mobile design.

Macnaught kFactorsLink

To calculate the iFUEL® Mobile kFactor simply divide 1 by the published figure and enter the resulting kFactor to 6 decimal places.

In our experience Macnaught meters (although more expensive) will provide a much lower total cost as they rarely require additional calibration from the factory settings. Each Macnaught meter is calibrated after manufacture and the calibration certificate supplied.

2.4.3 Wiring GuideLink

Macnaught Wiring Diagram

2.4.4 Flomec MetersLink

Flomec meters may also present as GPI branded meters.

flomec reed switch wiring diagram

flomec installation diagram

2.4.5 Gespasa MetersLink

We have had limited success with Gespasa meters at this point and until further integration testing they are not recommended or supported.

2.4.6 Liquip MetersLink

Liquip meters are mostly found on bulk dispensing pumps such as Ebs Ray, Alfons Haar etc.

You will generally find they are used in mobile applications but sometimes in large off-road refuelling facilities such as mines, tank farms and for very large machinery refueling.

iFUEL® Mobile integrates positively with these meters where an operator can actuate the pump via the iFUEL® Mobile relay.

2.4.7 DFV100 MeterLink

The meter needs to have the output pulse connected, prior to calibration by the Liquip authorised agent.

2.4.8 Older generation Liquip MetersLink

When retrofitting to older models there should be a juntion box where the pulse output can be found, this however depends on the original installation.

2.4.9 Piusi MetersLink

Piusi meters utilise Reed effect, in 2 wire format.

Piusi K24, Turbinox, K600, K900 and variants use a brown and blue wire. We have several units running with these meters.

Piusi installation diagram

Where a secondary Piusi Display is in use, the meter output will not be available. A secondary puls out from the display must be used and additional wiring may be required.

2.4.10 Other MetersLink

We can and will test other meter integrations only where our technical team can access the hardware units for testing.

Alternatively you can lone or provide free issue samples to the iFUEL® Mobile team for evaluation and testing. Costs may apply.