9.0 Maintenance Mode

Locating and Navigating Maintenance modeLink

The iFUEL® Mobile admin team has to give autherisation to access this feature.

Open the iFUEL® Mobile app with a compatible mobile device:

App Login

Select settings from the app home page

App Home Page

Select the Maintenance button

App Setting Page

Connect to the iFUEL® Mobile unit that requires Maintenance

Unit Connection page

If your iFUEL® Mobile unit is not discovered, the following screen will appear. Ensure that the " Refreshed Scan" button has been activated to look for the current iFUEL® MobileUnit. If the Unit still is undiscoverable, ensure that it is switched on and the correct function lights are displaying.

Unit Connection Error

Once the iFUEL® MobileUnit/s are discoverable, select the appropriate unit.

Unit Connection

The app will then direct the user to the Maintenance landing page.

App Maintenance page

Changing SettingsLink

Within this page, the user is able to change settings.

App Maintenance page 2

After the settings have been changed and to ensure that the progress is saved, select the Update hardware button.

App Maintenance page 3

Video TutorialLink

Please view the walk through if more help is required.