2.3 iFUEL® Mobile Wiring


2.3.1 Mains Power – 12VDCLink

J3 Pin 1 - 12v DC JS

Pin 2 - 0V DC

2.3.2 Pump Switch RelayLink

J19 Pin 1 - Pump Active (12v DC – Max Load 30A) J19

Pin 2 Pump - Active (12v DC – Max Load 30A)

2.3.3 Pulse Meter – ReedLink

J5 Pin 2 - Signal

J5 Pin 3 - 0v DC

2.3.4 Pulse Meter – Hall Effect from iFUEL® MobilePowerLink

J5 Pin - 1 5V DC

J5 Pin 2 - Signal

J5 Pin 3 - 0v DC

Hall effect meters can be powered from alternative power sources at times.


Please discuss alternative wiring options with the iFUEL® Mobile Team to ensure your warranty conditions.

2.3.5 Terminal DiagramLink

new terminal diagram

2.3.6 Terminal DiagramLink

terminal diagram


All input but Estop 1 and 2 are held high by internal pull-up resisters on Arduino and are pull low by external devices, thus active low. Estops 1 and 2 are pulled low thus active low needs to be held high by external devices.

2.3.8 Wiring diagramLink

wiring diagram