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iFuel® Mobile is a new and improved way of fuel management. Please read on for more information on iFuel® Mobile, the services provided, and the ease of the web and mobile application interface.

Welcome to the family

Who is this for?Link

The web portal is designed for iFuel® Mobile system administrators.


If you do not have a iFuel® Mobile administration account, you are not entitled to access this documentation and are in breach of our Terms and Conditions. Please kindly ask you to go back!

What you will needLink

To fully utilise the iFuel® Mobile administration tool, the iFuel® Mobile Team suggest that the administrator familiarise with this document before proceeding. For any help required, please contact the iFuel® Mobile team on (07) 3204 2240

Please ensure that you have:

  • A device connected with the internet ( preferably a desktop computer )

  • A iFuel® Mobile administration account